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NOBA 2018 Awards

Entrepreneur of the Year

Daniel Brunet was chosen as this years winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

"I am so grateful tonight for support and the endorsement this award represents. And although I am the one holding this award, it actually belongs to a much larger group of individuals. Truly, this recognition has everything to do with the talented, supportive and passionate people I’ve surrounded myself with over the years. As I have said numerous times, we are only as good as the individuals we surround ourselves with, and in that regard, I have been very fortunate indeed."-Daniel Brunet, President

Daniel would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Timmins Chamber of Commerce for the nomination.

September 2018
Representing DJB,  President Daniel Brunet accepted the award from sponsor KIA Canada.

DJB Visits Product Line Foundry

President Daniel Brunet and Vice-Presdient Martin Paquin headed off to Barceloona, Spain to view first hand the production and selection process for our highly saught after bucket components.

Viewing how these components are prepared and fabricated has given our company new insight on our long lasting product line. This allows us to supply our clients with the best product for their needs, as well as pass along the education of quality components.

May 2018
2018 Canadian Tradex Mining Expo
DJB was out in full force, promoting our growing business at the 2018 Canadian Tradex Mining Expo at the McIntyre Community Complex.

The Big Event, Mining Expo is becoming well known as Canada's largest mining show. More than that however it is also becoming known as one of the must-see and must-go industrial trade shows in Canada.
We are very proud to once again be an exhibitor at the Expo, and will be returning in 2019 with a larger scale presentation.

May 2018

2018 PDAC Convention

The Trade Show & Trade Show North is a great opportunity for organizations promoting the latest technology, products, services in the mining industry to come face-to-face with company decision makers and promote awareness to a worldwide market.

The annual PDAC Convention is regarded as the premier international event for the mining industry.

Timmins Mayor Steve Black
DJB Salesman Eddy Lamontagne

March 2018
New Shop Location and Expansion
As of January 1/2018, DJB obtained ownership of this 27000 sqft facility, allowing us to expand our product lines and create a large number of job opportunities in the north.
January 2018
Business of the Year 11+ Employees
DJB was among 16 winners at the Timmins Chamber of Commerce NOVA Awards, held in the McIntyre Community Complex in May 2017. Having many noteworthy milestones, growth and significant events, DJB was honored to accept this award.
​Representing DJB,  President Daniel Brunet accepted the award from Zachary Mayer on behalf of Kidd Operations.

May 2017
New Technology: Autocrib Vending Machine
We are proud to be the first in Timmins to test the Autocrib Vending
Machine. This exceptional machine gives our company the ability to
modify and maintain an accurate inventory, with a simple push of a
button. Thank You to Praxair for their great customer service.
September 2017